• Nov

    Industrial Grade LoRa
    LoRa Smart City

    LoRa frequency bands The LoRa wireless system makes use of the unlicensed frequencies that are available worldwide. The most widely used frequencies / bands are: 868 MHz for Europe 915 MHz for North America 433 MHz band for Asia Using lower frequencies than those of the 2.4 or 5.8 GHz ISM bands enables much better coverage to be achieved especially when the nodes are within buildings. Although the sub-1GHz ISM bands are normally used, the technology is essentially frequency agnostic and can be used on most frequencies without fundamental adjustment.

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  • Sep

    Key to everything connected

    One answer to this question is by using a long-range, low-data-rate communications infrastructure that needs fewer base stations to serve more simple devices like online smoke detectors, temperature sensors or smart electrical heating controllers.

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  • Jan

    Industrial Grade Connectivity
    The future

    The internet was created by people that connected their networks and allowed traffic from, to and over their servers and cables to pass for free. As a result, there was abundant data communication and exponential innovation. It is great to start doing the same for the Internet of Things by creating abundant data connectivity. So applications and businesses can flourish.

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