• Mar

    SX1301 launching in Embedded world 2017
    LoRaWan products exhibition in Hall 3A, 501

    Attending the embedded world 2017 in German Nurnberg, Adlinke, one of the largest industrial solution company, exhibit our LoRa base Lbox001 in Hall 1 540 with the advanced software tool Microsoft Power BI. Our own booth is in Hall 3A, 501.

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  • Jun

    Microchip RN2483 is the first LoRaWan TM comliant product
    Liyatech use RN2483 to develop the first LoRaWaTM n Mini PCIe

    LRM001 support both LoRaWan and P2P.

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  • Jul

    Raspberry Pi and LoRa seminar by Raspberry Pi Taiwan
    Long Long distance RF in Raspberry Pi

    題目:樹莓派長距離 LoRa 物聯網 大綱:使用 Raspberry Pi + LoRa Module 的應用情境。 附註:Robert Wang 為立亞特科技副總,這次的分享是LoRa 產品應用的實際經驗

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  • Feb

    Embedded world Hall 5-125
    2016.2.23 ~ 2.25

    We are going to demostrate our LoRa product in Hall 5 booth 125.

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  • Nov

    Industrial Grade LoRa
    LoRa Smart City

    LoRa frequency bands The LoRa wireless system makes use of the unlicensed frequencies that are available worldwide. The most widely used frequencies / bands are: 868 MHz for Europe 915 MHz for North America 433 MHz band for Asia Using lower frequencies than those of the 2.4 or 5.8 GHz ISM bands enables much better coverage to be achieved especially when the nodes are within buildings. Although the sub-1GHz ISM bands are normally used, the technology is essentially frequency agnostic and can be used on most frequencies without fundamental adjustment.

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